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"Make a Wish" for ECS Motherboard - Pre-Xmas Event

As a reward for our valuable ECS fans and e-pal, ECS decides to offer ECS fans more chance to win amazing prize. During 11/23~12/23, just click “Like” to become ECS Facebook fan and leave suggestion (about specifications or technologies of ECS motherboards)on Facebook event page then you will have an opportunity to win an Apple iPad 2 as a

Christmas gift this year! Also, the most attractive or appealing suggestion provider wins professional cyber gaming mouse/keyboard set as an extra prize. Top users like you all, never miss this chance to get the Xmas gift in hand!  


 Comment sample : “I wish ECS MB featured with a wireless solution.”




* Period: Nov 23th ~ Dec 22th, 2011 


* Award Announcement: Dec 31th, 2011

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