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Event Center

ECS POP Quiz , Win a big prize
Game rule:

‧Please get into “Quiz” page to answer questions about ECS extremely powerful A75 Family motherboard. The winners will be drawn from all of the participations who provide correct answer completely.
‧Participants who attend this event agree that ECS has the authority to announce and names of winners on ECS Pop Quiz page or ECS website based on the purpose of this activity.
‧ECS has the authority to save the personal information into ECS Database.
‧The winners will be randomly selected by ECS.
‧ECS has right to re-modify gaming rules, the content, methods, time period or prize of this event. The modification on these gaming rules will be announced on ECS Pop Quiz page only. Announcement will not be alerted to each participant. Any other terms and conditions related to gaming rules are up to ECS’ decision.

   ECS motherboard A75F-A x 1                      ECS speaker x 10


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