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Build a Touch-Screen All-in-One Desktop -- G11
Using a bare-bones kit you can assemble an all-in-one desktop system—complete with a multitouch-enabled touch screen—to your own specifications and budget.
G11 could demonstrate the process of combining all this hardware into a finished, working all-in-one; even if you think you know the drill, it's worth checking out to see an example of something you might never have known you could build—but that could be just what you need to round out your home technology collection.

The Strength of ECS G11 AIO System
Build AIO with all the currently available components you want, at a price you can afford to pay—and you can even get a touch screen as part of the bargain.
You'll have an attractive showpiece ready for display in your home.
You won't only have a solid system, you can further upgrade at your discretion.
There’s a bare-bones kit that contains all the basics, which including the chassis, with the screen and the motherboard preinstalled; a heat sink; fan; and even an adjustable stand so you won't need to bother with wall mounting.
With a nice 21.5-inch screen and a simple, clean, and attractive design, complete with a glossy finish and a laid-back look that should help it fit snugly into any décor.
You can choose from a wide selection of processors, memory (the system can hold up to 16GB), and hard drives (you can use full-speed 3.5-inch models).


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