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Let’s Back to Hogwarts! ECS Global Online Event

Event Introduction
ECS’s Back to School event has begun. In this year, you will have the chance to attend the school with Harry Potter! All you need is to purchase any model of ECS motherboard or the world's smallest computer “LIVA” during the event, and you get the chance to win two tickets of Universal Studios Osaka, Japan, and also Japanese hotel vouchers. This is the wonderful tour package of the year that you cannot afford to miss! And there is much more than that. Any purchase of LIVA further has triple chances to win gaming keyboards and SSD drives!

Event Duration
From Aug. 25th, 2014 to Sep. 30th, 2014
Winners' Announcement
On 2014/10/6, the lucky winners will be announced on the ECS website ( and Facebook fan page (
Event Area
Open worldwide

How to Play
During the event, each purchase of one of ECS’s LIVAs or motherboards is entitled to have one chance to win the prizes. Correspondingly, if you buy two or more ECS’s LIVAs or motherboards, you have two or more chances to win them. To win the prizes, do remember to provide the information required in the following steps. The prizes for the LIVA and motherboards and different and are detailed in the awards information page.
Step 1.  In the “Joint Right Now "information including the product serial numbers.” page of this event site, fill in and submit the required
Step 2.  Please note here to fill out the form for one product serial number at a time! The event site is designed to register a submitted form for one chance to win regardless that there is one or more serial number listed on the form.

Rules and notes
1. Any purchase of ECS’s LIVAs or motherboards is eligible for entering the prize draw to win the Global Fan Prize (which includes the tickets and hotel vouchers). Any purchase of ECS’s LIVAs is additionally eligible for three draws to win more prizes (which means the contenders who bought themselves in this event by purchasing ECS’s LIVAs are entitled to 4 draws in total), and refer to Prize for details.
2. The winners shall email photocopies of their proof of product purchase (such as receipts, invoices), complete and fax back their confirmation forms (see Note 1) by 2014/10/20.
3. After confirming the correctness of the information from the winners, the organizer will send out the prizes and notifying the winners such immediately. However, the hotel vouchers will be handled separately (for detail see Note 3).

Note 1
After the winner list comes out, the organizer will send a confirmation to each winner via email. Overseas winners are required to pay 20% income tax required by IRS of ROC in advance.
Note 2
The two tickets to Universal Studios Osaka are all-day pass and effective until 2015/6/26.
Note 3
I  The winners must use the Booking Confirmation form* (provided from the organizer) to book the hotel via the travel agency by 2014/12/31. Failing to do so will void the vouchers.
II The face value of the voucher is NTD 4,000. If booking a hotel that costs more than NTD 4,000, the winner shall make up the difference. Please note that no refund will be made if the hotel costs less than NTD 4,000.
III The vouchers are available only with the hotels in Osaka, Japan, that work with the travel agency. The organizer will provide the winners the list of available hotels.
IV The travel agency is designated here to assist the winners to make their hotel reservation, while the organizer only act as a supervisor. The winners must contact by themselves with this agency for the reservation via email.
* The organizer will provide the winners the necessary information including the hotel reservation confirmation form, the hotel list and the travel agency contact person via email.

The Global Fan Prize: Two tickets of Osaka Universal Studios + Japanese hotel vouchers (face value NTD4000) for four winners (total value NTD9000)
The LIVA Fan Prize (first draw): Tt eSPORTS gaming keyboard for two winners (value NTD4000)
The LIVA exclusive prize (second draw): 2.5” 128GB SSD for two winners (value NTD2500)
The LIVA Happiness Prize (third draw): two L337 limited edition memories for two winners (value NTD2500)

1. Participants in this contest must accept all rules and regulations; the organizer (ECS) has the authority to   disqualify participants who violate the rules.
2. The winner will be contacted via his/her registered e-mail with Registration page.
3. Once the winners list is published by the organizer notification will be sent to the lucky winners. If no response is received within two weeks the prize will be forfeited.
4. All prizes are not redeemable for other prizes or cash. ECS, the organizer of this event, disclaims any responsibility for repairing, returning, exchange the prizes. In case of any dispute hereunder, ECS reserves the right to modify the rules and prizes of this event under the condition that such modification causes no impact on the interests of consumers.
5. If there are any amendments or modifications of the event, it will be announced    directly by ECS event page and Facebook fan page without any individual notices.
6. National Taxation Administration regulations state that:
a. If the prize winner is an individual resident in the R.O.C. or is a for-profit enterprise with a fixed place of business in the R.O.C., 10% will be deducted by the tax withholder when the prize money is paid. If the value of the prize is in excess of NT$20,000 the winner must pay 10% income tax; if the value of the prize is in excess of $1,000 then the company must issue a withholding tax statement to the prize winner.
b. If the prize winner is an individual not resident in the R.O.C. or a for-profit enterprise with no fixed place of business in the R.O.C., 20% will be deducted by the tax withholder when the prize money is paid. The winners shall pay 20% of the value of their prizes as taxes, regardless of the value of the prizes.

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