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Please use the following media relations contacts for inquires by media only.
To contact an media relations professional by email, click the link next to the media relations professional's name
Journalists on deadline are advised to contact by phone rather than email.

Media Contact Information
Channel PR contactRuby ChenEurope / Japan / Korea
Contact Window
Channel PR contactAriel LiaoIndia / Taiwan / Russia
Contact Window
Channel PR contactRoger ChenSouth East Asia / China
Contact Window
Channel PR contactAllyson WangAmerica / Middle East / Africa Contact Window
Corporate PR contactKarin HsyuPR Contact
Corporate PR contactTheresa ChenPR Contact

Product Contact Information
Wireless Product ContactWirelessWireless product contact
PCoS Product ContactQueena WuASMO Sales Contact Window
PCoS Product ContactMichell KuoAPAC Sales Contact Window
PCoS Product ContactAmber ChenEMEA Sales Contact Window
MB/LIVA/AIO Product ContactIMS SalesIMS Sales Contact Window
Education Solution ContactEducation Solution Sales/MarketingEducation Solution Contact Window