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Does L7VMM2 V1.0A support 80GB HDD & higher?

Yes, the L7VMM2 V1.0A supports hard drive capacity up to 160GB.

Why I cannot use Keyboard to power on the system?

L7VMM2 v1.0A does not support power on by Keyboard function.

What is the JP3 jumper function near the BIOS chip?

The JP3 3-pin jumper is for BIOS flash function. 1-2 short = ENABLE 2-3 short = DISABLE

Where can we download the correct driver for the on-board LAN of L7VMM2?

Please download the LAN driver from our ECS website as below, thanks.
Please refer to Product page - Download tag

How to connect the pin assignment of audio header on L7VMM2 V2.0?

Below are the Pin Signal Names & Functions
1- AUD_MIC Front Panel Microphone input signal
2- AUD_GND Ground used by Analog Audio Circuits
3- AUD_MIC_BIAS Microphone Power
4- AUD_VCC Filtered +5 V used by Analog Audio Circuits
5- AUD_FPOUT_ R Right Channel Audio signal to Front Panel
6- AUD_RET_ R Right Channel Audio signal to Return from Front Panel
7- HP_ON Reserved for future use to control Headphone Amplifier
8- KEY No Pin
9- AUD_FPOUT_L Left Channel Audio signal to Front Panel
10- AUD_RET_L Left Channel Audio signal Return from Front Panel

Audio1 pin has 2 jumpers that cross in Pin 5-6 and 9-10. If you don't connect the front audio cable on it, you have to short 5-6, 9-10. Otherwise, the I/O panel Auido out won't get sound output.

Is the PCI Spec. of L7VMM2 2.0 or 2.2 compliant?

The L7VMM2 V1.1 PCI is compliant with PCI specification v2.2.