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Could you please confirm with me which AGP speed P4VXMS will support, 4Xor 8X?The user manual page 2 says 8X; however, the addendum 40-051-a36100 andspec sheet says 4X AGP.

VIA have already revised their datasheet , it only support AGP 4X, not 8X.

Both P4IBMS and P4VXMS with current BIOS version and fully loaded with three 1GB registered ECC memory modules (3x1GB total 3GB) will keep restarting when opening theWindows OP. Seems like if we install more than one module of 1GB registered ECC memory, the system will keep restarting when booting into Windows Me. Here is a briefsummary of testing result. The memory I am using is with SEC chipset from Apacer (P/N 71.07257.690). Please help us to verify if it is mainboard or memory's problem.
1GB registered ECC SDARM on either DIMM 1, 2, or 3 ==> system boots fine
2GB registered ECC SDARM on either DIMM 1-2, 2-3, or1-3 ==> system restarts when boots to Windows Me
3GB registered ECC SDARM ==> system restarts when boots to Windows Me.

Windows Me can't support memory size larger than 512MB. It should berun under Windows 2000 or XP.