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When I install C3 1.1Ghz 1.75v processor I have to set M/B jumper line of M/B voltage to 1.6v just pass examinate.

This model doesn't support C2 CPU to 1.1GHz and please refer the attached file that is CPU support list for M/B P6VAP-A+.

I got the message "BIOS ROM Checksum error", how can I do?

This issue is caused by numerous facts like battery low, CMOS jumper setting to wrong location, or BIOS upgrade fail. Please follow the steps below to check it.

1. Check if "clear CMOS jumper"is set in normal location (1-2).
2. Try to replace the CMOS battery by a new one.
3. If the symptom is the same, please contact your local dealer for futher support.

What is the maximum CPU and HDD capacity supported on P6VAP-A+ v1.0?

P6VAP-A+ v1.0 maximum CPU and HDD supported information as below,
CPU: Pentium III(FCPGA). 100Mhz FSB CPU - 850Mhz Pentium III(FCPGA). 133Mhz FSB CPU - 1.0Ghz
          Celeron (PPGA). 66Mhz FSB CPU - 533Mhz Celeron (FCPGA). 66Mhz FSB CPU - 733Mhz
          Celeron (FCPGA). 100Mhz FSB CPU - 800Mhz VIA C3 100Mhz FSB CPU - 700Mhz 
          VIA C3 133Mhz FSB CPU - 667Mhz

I tested the Rombios version VAPA13A.bin,VAPA15B.bin,VAPA11A.bin,VAPA11C.bin,VAPA12B.bin,VAPA14A.bin,VAPA15B.bin to change the CPU Core Voltage.But CMOS didn`t show the CPU Core Voltage menu.According to the manual, it is possible to change CPU Core Voltage in the CMOS.How can we change the CPU Core Voltage?If it is possible, please send me another Rombios version.But if not, we want to know why cannot we change the CPU Core Voltage in the CMOS.

CMOS path Frenqucy/Voltage control / CPU Core voltage