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Can I use DDR2 667 (PC5400)or DDR2800 (PC6400) in my PF21?

The PF 21 only support DDR2 400/533 memory. We suggest you use DDR2 400/533 and try to use DDR2 667 but it may detect to DDR2 533)in this MB. DDR2 800 should not be supported in this MB.

Does the "RAID disable option" in PF21 BIOS is for ICH6R or SIS180?

PF21 has 2 RAID controllers. One is ICH6R and the other is SIS180.
On-chip IDE device -> On-chip Serial ATA -> Enable / Disable is for ICH6R RAID controller.
Onboard Device -> Onboard SATA device -> Enable / Disable is for SiS180 RAID controller.

Whenever the onboard SATA and on-chip Serial ATA are enabled in BIOS, the Giga LAN boot ROM is gone and will show a warning message "have option ROM cannot be invoke".

It's a limitation if you enable ICH6R, SiS180 RAID & boot ROM at the same time. Since the upper memory allocation is not enough for these 3 ROMs, the temporal solution is disabling "USB K/B & mouse support" items in BIOS (if they are only for Legacy MS-DOS support). If you disable those USB items, you can use below combinations.
- SiS180 RAID + ICH6R SATA w/o RAID + LAN boot ROM
- SiS180 RAID + LAN boot ROM
- ICH6R w/ RAID + LAN boot ROM