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LIVA MINI PC is a complete solution for modern digital living, general computing, casual gaming and basic applications.

LIVA Windows 10 Mini PC, Booksize PC. Small PC, lower power pc, LIVA, Windows 10 Mini PC, Intel Bay Trail-M SoC, eMMC Storage, low-power consumption, fanless design, Dual Graphics Display, no noise, fits everywhere, 2GB/32GB and 2GB/64GB MINI PC

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  • Overview
  • Mini PC Kit
  • Applications
  • Technologies
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  • Power Saving
  • Window 8.1 Ready

World's Smallest

Windows Based Mini PC Kit

Living A Better Life!

With the combination of “Living” and “Life (Viva)”
LIVA is expressing the passion and the pursuit of aesthetics in every way of life.

First PC Emerging Market

(Low Cost Solution)

Second PC for Mature Market

(Surfing & Downloading)

Home Entertainment

(TV to Windows Based PC)

World’s Smallest
Windows-Based Mini PC Kit

Power Button

Combo Audio Jack
(Line out & Mic in)

Giga LAN

USB 2.0


USB 3.0



Living Room Shift

The days of bedroom desktop is over! Living room is back to the center of home entertainment. It’s not necessary to stick with your 15” desktop if you can turn your 50” Smart TV into a PC.

Style Matters

Do you hide your bulky PC and bunch of cables behind the desk? Why can’t it be part of your home decoration?
A stylish Mini PC might be the solution.

Excessive Performance

Most of the time, the performance provided by CPU and Chipset is redundant for most of the users. Why can’t we have a nice PC with much smaller size?

Dual Graphics Displays

With HDMI and D-Sub support, LIVA provides not only two independent output displays, offering a wise choice of home entertainment or multi-display applications, but also wide coverage support of both digital and analog displays.

Intel® Bay Trail-M SoC Processor

Featuring Intel® Bay Trail-M SoC (System-on-a-Chip) processor, based on the new low-power consumption microarchitecture “Silvermont” Providing the fan-less thermal design with better acoustic performance, LIVA is a great Mini PC with the advantages of high performance and power saving.

eMMC Storage Technology

eMMC, Embedded Multi-Media Card, comprised of both flash memory and a flash memory controller, which is often used for mobile devices. eMMC greatly reduces the response time and is suitable for high performance applications. The ultra-thin eMMC allows LIVA Mini PC Kit to be palm-sized small.

M.2 Socket Wireless Communication

(WiFi 802.11b/g/n & Bluetooth 4.0 Combo Card)

The evolution of onboard interface M.2 socket provides a better and faster standard for connecting NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor), provides a better and faster standard for connection and expansion. LIVA adopts the latest M.2 Interface with the WiFi / Bluetooth Combo Card for Better wireless communication.

Low Voltage DRAM

LIVA Integrates low voltage Double Data Rate III Synchronous DRAM, usually used for Notebook PC solution, which is 8% power saving than regular DRAM, DDR3L is ideally suited for the main memory application, which requires large memory density, high bandwidth and low power operation.

40-Second Set Up

With screw-free design of LIVA Mini PC Kit, users can easily self-assemble their own PC and finish all the processes within 40 seconds. And more importantly, it’s so fun and easy!

Mobility-Walking PC

Seriously, there is nothing comparable to the mobility of LIVA Mini PC Kit. Based on low power consumption of Intel Bay Trail processor, LIVA can be booted up and operated simply by a power bank.

Power Saving

LIVA only uses about as much power as just a light bulb!

Equipped with Low Voltage DRAM and Intel Bay Trail-M SoC with Micro USB power supply design, which only takes 5V / 15W of total power consumption, LIVA brings great energy saving ability and the most efficient performance.

*Ubuntu OS support is subject to updated versions

Windows Based OS

With the anticipation and excitement to have Windows-Based Mini PC, LIVA is proud to bring you the latest Windows 8.1 OS to ensure you a pleasant user experience.

*Windows 8.1 Preload Version is subject to regions, please contact local sales for more information.