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A760GM-M3 (V1.0)<br>(no longer for sale)
    Socket new AM2+ for AMD Phenom™ Processor
    The A760GM-M3 is based on the best combination of the new AMD 760G and SB710 chipset plus support for the latest Phenom quad core processors up to HT 5200 MT/s with Hyper Transport™ 3.0 technology links and integrated DDR2 1066* memory controller on the latest AM2+ platform. The ECS A760GM-M3 is the best reliable choice for AMD AM2+ platform.
    *(Whether 1066 MHz memory speed is supported depends on the CPU being used.)

ATI Hybrid Graphics 기술 지원

IGP와 애드온 그래픽 카드의 파워를 동시에 활성화하여 최대 1.75X의 추가적인 성능이 향상되었습니다).