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智慧雙儲存空間設計並支援Com Port序列埠
    極致精巧的迷你電腦,具備優異的效能、雙重儲存裝置設計支援M.2 介面SSD硬碟與2.5吋HDD硬碟, 最特別的是內建4個可外接工業用途Com Port 配置,提供用戶更好的資料存取效能與空間、生產力和工業用途的連接選項。

Ultra-compact PC with exceptional performance and dual-storage design

Chic and Elegant design

LIVA ZE Mini PC defies convention and redefines the look of a desktop PC.
Simple and elegant, its finish fits right in your living or workspace.


搭載英特爾HD 500系列內顯,播放4K影片行雲流水,帶您領略4K超高清的魄力與激情。

Share anything , Store everything

LIVA ZE Mini PC offers high-speed SSD & high-capacity HDD support. And with Windows 10 built-in OneDrive, it’s easy to connect the local storage and cloud backup to have the best of both worlds.

Embedded Serial Ports to Connect Industrial Devices

LIVA ZE Mini PC has full connectivity features, especially Serial Com Ports design.
With four Com Ports (RS232) interface design, you can easily connect industrial device, such as POS, barcode scanner …..
It’s easy to meet the needs of industrial customers.

Windows Inside

With Windows pre-installed, LIVA ZE Mini PC provides a great user-experience using a modern voice-controlled interface with Windows 10 and Cortana Voice Assistant.