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  • 系統
    • Genuine Windows is authentic Windows software that is properly licensed and legally installed.Learn more about the special benefits reserved for genuine Windows customers by visiting
      GenuineWindows 7 Starter Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional
  • 中央处理器(CPU)
    • Intel® Atom processor Cedarview, N2600 CPU: 1.6GHz/512K L2, 3.5W >>> N2800 CPU: 1.86GHz/512K L2, 6.5W (Optional)
  • 内核芯片
    • Intel Tiger Point / Intel NM10
  • 内存
    • DDRIII Single Channel, 800/1066 So-DIMM DRAM module, 1GB/2GB
  • 声卡
    • Realtek ALC269-VB6
  • LAN Controller
    • Supports 10 and 100 Mb/sec. Full and half Duplex operation.
  • 液晶显示器
    • 10.1” with 1024X600 (Anti-Glare) >>> 10.1” with 1366X768(HD) (Anti-Glare)/optional >>> 10.1” with 1024X600 (High Brightness) (Anti-Glare)/optional
  • 储存 驱动器
    • SSD - SATA 8G/16G/32G SSD MLC >>> Single-HDD for 2.5" 9.5mm SATA supported
  • 触控式萤幕 Touch Screen
    • 电阻触控式萤幕- 电阻触控式萤幕技术适用于几乎任何手写笔-像物件。 >>> 电容式触控式萤幕- 手指触控萤幕。
  • 旋转摄像头
    • 内置的旋转摄像头,可以从-35〜200度旋转。
  • G-sensor (Optional)
    • System Hard disk driver protection
  • 快速选单- 平板模式
    • 亮度控制>>>音量控制>>>切换显示>>> 90度逆时针旋转>>> 90度顺时针旋转>>> 180度旋转>>>自动旋转
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
    • Trusted Platform Module offers facilities for the secure generation of cryptographic keys, and limitation of their use.
  • 一键复元 One Button Recovery (OBR)
    • 强大的程序进行数据恢复,其中包括四项主要职能,“恢复”,“备份”,“还原”,和“工具”。
  • 读卡机
    • 支援 SDHC/MMC 記憶卡
  • 尺寸和重量
    • 269(W) x 208.5(D) x 30.2(H)~36.1mm (w/o Rubber Foot)