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* means validated by ECS at time of writing. Changes to component or CPU may produce a different outcome. The result shown is for reference only and is subject to change w/o notification.
SocketFamilyProcessorP/N Number WattageFrequencyL2 Cache L3 Cache SteppingSince BIOS
Socket 462AMD Athlon™N/AN/AN/A 650N/A256KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD Athlon™N/AN/AN/A 700N/A256KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD Athlon™N/AN/AN/A 750N/A256KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD Athlon™N/AN/AN/A 800N/A256KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD Athlon™N/AN/AN/A 850N/A256KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD Athlon™N/AN/AN/A 900N/A256KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD Athlon™N/AN/AN/A 950N/A256KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD Athlon™N/AN/AN/A1.0GN/A256KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD Athlon™N/AN/AN/A1.3GN/A256KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD Athlon™N/AN/AN/A1.4GN/A256KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD DuronN/AN/AN/A 600N/A64KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD DuronN/AN/AN/A 650N/A64KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD DuronN/AN/AN/A 700N/A64KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD DuronN/AN/AN/A 750N/A64KN/A1.2e
Socket 462AMD DuronN/AN/AN/A 800N/A64KN/A1.2e
Model: K7VZA
PCB Version: V1.0
Expansion_Slot: AGP4X
USB: 1.1
IR Pin: infrared Header
USB Pin: Front Panel USB Connector