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OS ID NOProduct Line
Windows XP Windows XP1208742Motherboard

* means validated by ECS at time of writing. Changes to component or CPU may produce a different outcome. The result shown is for reference only and is subject to change w/o notification.
SocketFamilyProcessorWattageFrequencyCacheSteppingSince BIOS
LGA775Intel Core 2 Quad processorQ6600 (B3) (105W)N/A2.40 GHz2x4MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Core 2 Quad processorQ6700 (G0) (95W)N/A2.66 GHz2x4MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Core 2 ExtremeQX6700 (B3) (130W)N/A2.66 GHz2x4MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Core 2 ExtremeX6800N/A2.93 GHz2x2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Core 2 DuoE4300 (L2) (65W)N/A1.80 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Core 2 DuoE4400 (L2) (65W)N/A2.00 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Core 2 DuoE4500 (M0) (65W)N/A2.20 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Core 2 DuoE4600 (M0) (65W)N/A2.4 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Core 2 DuoE6300 (L2) (65W)N/A1.86 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Core 2 DuoE6320 (B2) (65W)N/A1.86 GHz4MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Core 2 DuoE6400 (L2) (65W)N/A2.13 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Core 2 DuoE6420 (B2) (65W)N/A2.13 GHz4MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium Extreme Edition840N/A3.2 GHz2 x 1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium Extreme Edition955 (B1) (130W)N/A3.46 GHz2x2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium Extreme Edition955 (C1) (130W)N/A3.46GHz2x2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium Extreme Edition965 (C1) (130W)N/A3.73GHz4MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium Dual-CoreE2180 (M0) (65W)N/A2.00GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium D820N/A2.8 GHz2x 1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium D830N/A3.0 GHz2x 1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium D840N/A3.2 GHz2x 1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium D915 (D0) (95W)N/A2.8GHz4MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium D920N/A2.8 GHz2x 2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium D925 (D0) (95W)N/A3.0GHz4MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium D930N/A3.0 GHz2x 2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium D935 (D0) (95W)N/A3.2GHz4MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium D940N/A3.2 GHz2x 2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium D950N/A3.4 GHz2x 2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium D960 (C1) (130W)N/A3.6GHz4MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition(110W)N/A3.46 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition(92W)N/A3.20 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition3.73 (N0) (115W)N/A3.73GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4505N/A2.66 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4510N/A2.8 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4515N/A2.93 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4516 (G1)N/A2.66 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4516 (G1) (84W)N/A2.93 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4520/520J N/A2.8 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4530/530J N/A3.0 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4531N/A3.0 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4540/540J N/A3.2 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4541N/A3.2 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4550/550J N/A3.4 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4551N/A3.4 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4560/560J N/A3.6 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4561N/A3.6 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4570JN/A3.8 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4571N/A3.8 GHz1MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4630N/A3.0 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4640N/A3.2 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4650N/A3.4 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4651N/A3.4 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4660N/A3.6 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4661N/A3.6 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4662N/A3.6 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4670N/A3.8 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4671N/A3.8 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Pentium 4672N/A3.8 GHz2MBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D320N/A2.40 GHz256KN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D325 (E0) (73W)N/A2.53 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D325J N/A2.53 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D326N/A2.53 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D330N/A2.66 GHz256KN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D330J N/A2.66 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D331N/A2.66 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D335N/A2.8 GHz256KN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D335JN/A2.8 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D336N/A2.80 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D340N/A2.93 GHz256KN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D340JN/A2.93 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D341N/A2.93 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D345N/A3.06 GHz256KN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D345J N/A3.06 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D346N/A3.06 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D350N/A3.2 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D351N/A3.2 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D352N/A3.2 GHz512KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D352 (D0) (65W)N/A3.2 GHz512KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D355N/A3.33 GHz256KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D356N/A3.33 GHz512KN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron D356 (D0) (86W)N/A3.33 GHz512KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron420 (A1) (35W)N/A1.6 GHz512KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron430 (A1) (35W)N/A1.8 GHz512KBN/A07/08/30
LGA775Intel Celeron440 (A1) (35W)N/A2.0 GHz512KBN/A07/08/30