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Tom's hardware recommend ECS H55H-I as "Best for Mini-ITX Gaming" motherboard!

The world famous IT media and website - Tom's hardware, recognized the ECS H55H-I is the best for Mini-ITX Gaming” motherboard!
Best for Mini-ITX Gaming: ECS H55H-I
ECS beats Intel in overclocking, allowing gamers to get an edge in system performance. Coolers as large as Arctic Cooling’s Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 fit both it and the Intel board, but Intel’s smaller voltage regulator and lack of CPU voltage adjustment allow ECS to take a clear lead in this larger-than-book-sized market.”
Besides, ECS H55H-I comes with three different kinds of video outputs, including HDMI. Together with independent 7.1 analog audio outputs, coaxial / optical output and the small physical size of the board, makes it clearly targeted to users willing to build home theater computers (HTPC’s) and also very suitable for building book-sized PCs as well.

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