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Throw out the annoying noise! – ECS Smart Fan (The best computer fan controller)

Continuous noises maybe will let us crazy. How sweet If there are the tool can let you tune down noises freely.
ECS Smart Fan software is that ECS exclusive technology to control noise and lower down the noises caused by computer fan. It can adjust the speed of CPU fan by different temperatures automatically. eSF easy image option and setting in windows environment show eSF super attractions.

1. What is eSF and what purpose does it serve?
eSF is one of ECS’s exclusive software, Easy Smart Fan, a laptop fan speed tuning tool. We were complaining the unbearable laptop noise in the past, but we can do nothing. So we develop a tool to let users “tune down” the noise freely and back to a relative quiet environment. Furthermore, it’s free for ECS users’.
2.Does “ECS Smart Fan” control the speed of CPU cooling fan, Case Fan or Power Supply Fan?
Generally, it only control the CPU fan of some motherboards by eSF. A little higher-end ECS motherboards, such as H55H-M2, that can be controlled by CPU and all system fan simultaneously. One thing needs to take care is that if the fan speed haven’t any change after tuning, it’s probably your fan has broken and need to replace it with new one.
3. If users always keep the fan speed to be slow, the system will crash because of bad heat dispersion?
As I mentioned, besides CPU cooling fan, system still have case fan and power fan that keep help system dispersing the heat . But basically, we prefer using the “custom “ option which can allow you freely adjust the target fan speed according to the target CPU temperature that you
choose. That will meet your requirement and avoid the system crash.
4.Should we access to BIOS when we start eSF or change its setting?
No, we think it’s unreasonable that users have to adjust the fan in BIOS interface when noise caused.
So, we develop eSF starting in windows environment that would be more convenient , especially for those users and ladies unfamiliar with BIOS interface.
5. If we enable both “Smart Fan” BIOS option to BIOS and eSF simultaneously, will system follow the command from BIOS or eSF?
Definitely, eSF! But if you close it , then system will follow BIOS setting. Compared to eSF, “Smart Fan” BIOS option just can be enable or disable in BIOS interface. Even it’s only workable after reboot your system. It’ relatively convenient to use our exclusive technology-eSF. 

6. Does eSF offer variable speed modes for choose?
eSF offers five modes for users to choose. There are four modes “Full”, ”Normal”, “Quiet” and “Silent” to control the speed of fan directly. The most special “Custom” mode can be defined how fast on the speed of fan by users in different temperatures. Of course, it’s safe for users setting on its wide range design. 

7. Dose eSF keep the previous setting even after reboot system?
If users checked “Auto Execute When Booting ” box, then eSF will load your previous setting when you use the software next time. Besides, it will be resided on the horizontal tool bar at bottom in Windows environment for convenient and efficient use. If not checked, eSF will default “Normal Mode” as setting.

8. Which motherboards do support eSF so far? Will this software be introduced to all ECS models?
Basically, Intel 6 series chipset based motherboards and some specific models, including the most popular motherboard – P55H-AK, all support eSF. Users can check eSF microsite for catching the latest updates of eSF supporting list. If there is a great increase in the demand, introducing to all ECS models will be just a matter of time. eSF microsite

9. Indeed ECS’s software are varied and useful. Will ECS release another interesting application soon?
Yes, we have another ap named “eGS” – ECS Green Saver, it can help users save power.
Besides this, ECS will release more useful and interesting tools for our customers and users. Please wait and see.

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