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Installing drivers drive you carzy??!! eDLU lets you throw away driver CD.

That is annoying that you cant find out the driver CD after DIY computers.
In this interview, John Chou, the hardware dep. senior manager, told us it can list all driver of your board in few seconds by eDLU.
It can even sift the driver you need. Undoubtedly, eDLU is very practical tool for ECS users.

1. What is eDLU?Why do ECS develop eDLU?
Many people may have this trouble that loss your driver CD/DVD. User need to take time to find out the driver you need and also avoid to download the wrong drivers.
So, we develop eDLU to meet user’s requirement. Of course, eDLU only services for ECS users.
2. Why eDLU can determine user’s motherboard accurately?
We have built the interface to connect eDLU and BIOS that can clarity each ECS motherboard, so the wrong conditions will be avoided.
3. Why eDLU can determine user’s driver accurately?
eDLU can determine the user’s motherboard and related chipset itself. And then, it will map the website database to get the driver you need. The condition is even including OS that can avoid to download the unnecessary drivers.
4. Can eDLU also find out the the driver of peripherals?
No, It only can search the driver of ECS motherboard and doesn’t involved in related peripherals.
Because computer peripherals is including many brands with different spec, the verification will be hard.
We haven’t had the plan to support computer peripherals so far.
5.Can user save the time to download driver by eDLU?
Yes, eDLU can save your searching time and doesn’t affect the speed of download of course. However, the download point is operating by several web severs mirroring. Users can choose the nearest sever to download to get the best download quality.
6.How to get ECS eDLU?
There are two ways to let users download eDLU quickly. First, downloading on the ECS official website. The file size of eDLU is tiny, so you can get it on the website quickly. Second, it will bundle on the driver CD/DVD. If your driver CD/DVD is gone, you can download eDLU to help you check whether the latest driver version on your PC or not. It is really convenient for ECS users.

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