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Time Saver— ECS EZCharger Speed up Your USB Charge Power

As there are more and more APPLE products users, most of them rely on USB port of their own computers to get their iPhone/iPod/iPod Touch charged. Comparing to traditional USB port, ECS launches new utility—EZCharger to save users’ precious time. EZCharger, adopting the unique USB which provides 3 times current than usual designed by ECS, provides more powerful current to charge your mobile devices through USB port. It can speed up your charge time for three times more than traditional ones. With all applications ECS brought up previously, it seems that ECS not only works hard to save users’ pocket money, but also is eager to keep you convenient and efficient.

1.    What is EZCharger exactly?
EZCharger is the latest utility provided by ECS. ECS considers that there are more and more APPLE products users who used to charge their mobile devices via USB port. Therefore, ECS presents this new utility to enhance users’ convenience and save their time from waiting for charging. EZCharger is used through USB port too. Users don’t have to change their using habit and enjoy the whole-new efficiency. Through the detection of EZCharger, it can indentify your APPLE mobile devices and the USB will output current that your devices request. EZCharger collaborating with the USB with 3 times current is useful to APPLE mobile devices users.
2.    How to use EZCharger?
To use EZCharger, it is easy and user-friendly. All users have to do is just to download the driver from ECS website according to their locations. The installation process is simple. Just follow the steps shown on the screen. After installing, users could start using their USB port with EZCharger function as their old habits.
3.    How does EZCharger achieve to provide more current power for device charging?
After ECS’ engineer adjusts the layout of electric circuit of motherboard, USB ports could provide stronger current and stable electricity. With the driver-EZCharger supplied by ECS, users could easily recognize whether the APPLE mobile devices are charging or not by gray/green color of a battery icon shown on the toolbar in the bottom of the windows.
4.    Is this function only limited to APPLE products?
As we mentioned above, the driver mean to detect the APPLE mobile devices. That is to say, the battery icon will only react to the detection of APPLE products. However, this won’t even affect that users use mobile devices of other brands. Users could still use USB ports to charge their mobile devices of other brands as usual. There will be no effect to any devices.
5.    Will EZCharger do any damage to my devices?
Certainly not. First, EZCharger works to detect the plug-in/off of your APPLE products. The driver would only play a role of detector to sense APPLE devices. In the other hand, the current output is actually according to what your APPLE devices request. EZCharger is safe to any of your mobile devices. Users could feel free to use the function.
6.    Can EZCharger work under shut-down status of my computer?
Yes, that is the great benefit of EZCharger. Under shut-down or suspend status, you could still charge your APPLE devices via USB port with EZCharger. All users have to remind is that “Remember to disable your “EUP Support” option from BIOS setting”. Then you can save more time without turning on your computer for charging.
7.    How would I know if my motherboard supports EZCharger or not?
ECS motherboard users could just check the website of EZCharger. ECS will keep updating the support list for everyone’s information. Users may check and download the driver from this website:
8.    Will ECS release more models of motherboard supporting EZCharger?
Of course, ECS is devoted to provide innovative, useful and helpful application to every user. ECS will keep working hard to present more and more unmatched utility to our users. ECS always put convenience of our users in the first priority. Thus, ECS will keep updating innovative utilities to every user.

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