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ECS QoolTech IV help your PC take the temperature.

1. Why do we take attention on the temperature of your PC?
If your PC doesn’t have the complete cooler device, it is possible that damages on CPU. It is really important to have cooler device to protect your CPU. 

2. How to get your PC overheated?
In common, user only can get temperature by sense of touch can’t get actual temperature by itself. However, ECS launches this exclusive technology,
ECS Qooltech IV, provides instant indication of surface temperature.

3. What is ECS Exclusive Technology Qooltech IV?
QoolTech IV includes three heat pipes with special welding technology and combines Thermochromic Technology with heat sink. Special welding technology, heat from chipset transfers to copper pipes directly, enhancing effective heat dissipation to achieve 20% more efficiency.

4. What’s Thermochromic Technology?
Thermochromic technology, the heat sink would change its color according to different temperature to offer a visual identification of temperature directly and help you to understand the temperature immediately. The latest-technology dyes responds to heat and transfers between solid and liquid forms to display different color, which is the first time the technology is adopted in the industry.

5. What are differences between ECS QoolTech IV and traditional cooler?
Traditional cooler dissipates heat indirectly that heat from chipset transfers to aluminum block and then transfers to copper pipes. However, ECS breaks traditional design. ECS QoolTech IV dissipates heat directly that heat from chipset transfer to copper pipes, enhancing effective heat dissipation. Compared to traditional cooler, ECS QoolTech IV is faster than 20% in heat dissipation.

6. ECS QoolTech IV brings user more convenient and efficiency actually. Which model name will apply to this innovative technology?  
ECS A990FXM-A is the first model to apply ECS Qooltech IV and arouse the positive feedbacks. ECS exclusive technology will apply to more high end models continually in the future. 


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