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eBLU Lets You Away From Blue

ECS eBLU earned high recommendations from media, there’s no doubts that the tiny software gets the useful functions.John Chou, the manager of software division., emphasized that the purpose of eBLU is expected to simplify the bios update procedure. Instead of time-consuming process ,users only take two seconds to find the latest BIOS out. It really is a good news for ECS fans.

1 What is eBLU? What are the benefits of eBLU for users?
 eBLU  is abbreviated from BIOS Live Update Utility. It helps you search the latest BIOS online with simple and easy steps to flash BIOS. It brings users at least the three benefits.
First of all, the users don’t particularly make sure the model name of your motherboard, and will find the correct BIOS via eBLU. And, they wouldn’t download the wrong BIOS. Second, only one click to make sure doing the update, and then eBLU will complete all procedures of BIOS update.
The last,. searching the latest BIOS version for use.

2.Does BIOS need to update frequently?   Will any bugs appear when no any update?
 Different people, different views. Generally, BIOS updating will make sure to support the latest technologies on your motherboard. If your system is quiet stable, it doesn’t need to update BIOS purposely. Unless users change the new CPU, new high-end graphics card, new OS or unstable system, we will suggest users to update BIOS.
For ECS users, one of the benefits of BIOS updating can use the latest applications functions.
3. Do users need to do some special setups to update BIOS via eBLU?
No, eBLU is planned as “easy to use”. Only one click , and it will automatically search the latest BIOS for your motherboard. Users only need to decide to update or not, that’s simple and easy.
4. eBLU doesn’t provide more options to users compared to other’s BIOS update utilities, so will eBLU lose its competitiveness? 
Users need the tool to solve their problems, so the unnecessary options will confuse the users instead.
eBLU is relatively more friendly and easier to use than other utilities.

5. eBLU has high-recommendation from media, what's your perspectives about this honor?
We are glad to have high –recommendation about eBLU.  We always base on this principle “Easy to use” to develop the software. We also hope to  raise the attentions from media to our related softwares eJiffy, eOC, and eBLU that are the friendly tools as eBLU as well.
Ref. Guru 3D

6.The function of eBLU is quiet complete and convenient for users, is there any upgrade plan in the future?
Yes, we will follow up our new model’s development and will have the corresponding upgrade. And, we expect to release the new version in Q4 2010.

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