May, 2014

First Look at LIVA ♡ Always There Digital Storage Made Easy

"I don't get much opportunity to getting out and about, so I want to take all the photos I can, but my mobile phone always run out of space" This is probably a familiar experience for a lot of people.

Mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets have become essential everyday items because they are so convenient and easy to carry. Fast-growing global demand as well as increasingly affordable prices means there are now more models than you can count. No matter what type of phone or tablet you buy, battery life and storage capacity are what everyone cares most about. While power banks appear to have solved one headache, however storage capacity continues to lag behind demand.


So how can we magically expand the limited storage on your handheld device? The answer is to apply a free online storage and to have an extension of hard disk space.

First, you need a machine that supports Wi-Fi or Bluetooth which allow files to be connected and transfer to Dropbox, Chrome Drive or OneDrive. The most affordable option currently on the market is ECS's new LIVA – which claims to be the smallest micro-computer on the planet.


Less than NT$5,000 is all you need to own this computer which creates an always there connection that immediately expands the digital storage of your mobile device.


Can be used as a PC when connected to the TV. Also goes well with decorative ornaments next to the TV~♡


As free cloud storage offering a minimum of 15G (minimum from Chrome Drive) and LIVA can also be hooked up to external hard disks, which is no need to worry about storage space anymore.
LIVA has a Wi-Fi card that supports 802.11 a/b/g/n. Tests have shown transfer rates to be quite satisfactory and it runs smoothly when connected to a TV to browse photos or watching videos. Of course, watching YouTube videos over Wi-Fi is another way altogether.


LIVA has Bluetooth support as well so Bluetooth headphones, keyboards and mice can all be detected and used wirelessly once set up. This frees up USB ports for other uses. If you take your music seriously like I do, when you play music on your mobile phone LIVA will automatically play it through the speakers connected to the TV. The home-theater grade sound quality is an awesome experience.


Google Drive Files Can Easily be Managed from the Phone or LIVA at the Same Time♡~


It's worth noting that LIVA has a power consumption of just 15W. We might not be able to do anything about rocketing electricity prices, but you should make the most of what you can. I was particularly impressed when the LIVA stayed cool to the touch after being used for nearly an hour. Out of curiosity, the author tried connecting it to a power bank and the LIVA ran as well, what an unexpected bonus.


It can actually run off a power bank. Many likes~♡


In conclusion, the LIVA is compact, affordable and well worth buying. It does have a downside though - not enough USB ports. You will have to make the most of the limited number of USB ports available. Even though cloud storage and external hard disks can be used to expand storage capacity, this author feels that for Windows users, the basic capacity of 32GB is inadequate after you install the OS. However, I have to admit this is the first product from ECS to catch my fancy and is quite different from plain old motherboards. LIVA also comes with a mini-speaker that is quite stylish and practical, though this giveaway is only available by taking part in ECS' online marketing or promotions.


The glowing LIVA mini-speaker!



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