The most advanced AC Charger

Providing a full suite of smart charging features for electric vehicles, designed for an eco-friendly environment.

LIVA™ AC Charger

  • Combined Charging System
  • ISO/IEC 15118 EV – EVSE communication
  • Plug-n-Charge and External Authentication Support
  • OCPP 1.6 JASON Central Server interface
  • IoTecha’s IoT.ON™ Cloud Services
  • WiFi, HomePlug, Bluetooth, and Cellular options

IoT.ON™ Cloud Services

  • IoT Device Management
  • Over-the- Air Firmware Updates
  • Predictive Maintenance Support
  • Vehicle- Grid Integration
  • Targeted Advertisement
  • Plug-n-Charge Support

Limited Time

$499 with IoT.ON™ standard platform services

The 40Amp LIVA™ charger is available for preorders for the introductory price of $499, with IoT.ON™ standard platform services are bundled for free for the first 12 months.

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LIVA™ AC Charger Specification