ECSIPC Introduces LIVA Z5 Series Mini PCs for Industrial Applications

2024/03/14 Event News

[Taiwan-Taipei] ECS Industrial Computer Co., Ltd., also known as ECSIPC, proudly unveils its latest generation of mini PCs for quad-display industrial applications, the LIVA Z5 series, which includes the LIVA Z5 Plus, LIVA Z5E Plus, and LIVA Z5F Plus. Committed to providing industry-specific value solutions, ECSIPC focuses on developing niche products and solutions for vertical industry applications. ECSIPC has achieved success in various application areas, including educational electronic whiteboards in Europe and the US, airport real-time flight systems in India, image projection for Japan's Shinkansen bullet trains, and electronic menu and POS systems for KFC in South America, while also exploring applications in vending machines and digital signage.

The newly launched LIVA Z5 series is powered by Intel® 13th and 14th generation Core™ processors, delivering significant performance improvements with up to 10 cores capable of efficiently handling various demanding tasks. The series has Wi-Fi 6E speeds up to 9.6 Gbps for enhanced data transmission efficiency, allowing seamless playback of high-quality audiovisual content. Additionally, the multi-storage design accommodates PCIe® Gen4 M.2 NVMe SSDs and a 2.5-inch SSD or HDD, offering greater storage flexibility. The series ensures high-speed data processing in industrial environments with two 2.5G Base-T (2.5G) ports. At the same time, support for vPro and physical TPM significantly enhances the value of industrial applications.

LIVA Z5 Plus and Z5E Plus: The Perfect Choice for Multi-Display Industrial Applications

Designed for vertical industry applications, LIVA Z5 Plus and Z5E Plus are certified by Intel® Edge Software Recommended Hardware. Serving as ideal solutions for multi-display industrial needs, they boast stunning 4K UHD image processing capabilities to meet high-quality image requirements. Featuring 2 HDMI ports, DisplayPort, and Type C (Alt. DP) interfaces, LIVA Z5 Plus and Z5E Plus offer a multi-display solution supporting up to four monitors. Additionally, the LIVA Z5E Plus offers two industrial application models: one with four COM interfaces and another with two COM interfaces, with HDMI input/image card support for AI visual image processing.

LIVA Z5/Z5E Plus Mini PC

LIVA Z5 Plus and Z5E Plus significantly increase their application value in various industries. Whether for digital menu displays and advertising in smart retail environments, multi-display monitoring in industrial control rooms, or real-time traffic status displays in smart transportation, these applications deliver outstanding performance and reliability to meet diverse business needs. The Z5E Plus, in particular, features four COM interfaces, seamlessly connecting to various industrial applications such as POS systems for quick checkout processes and barcode scanners for accurate tracking and management of goods.

LIVA Z5F Plus: Demonstrating Outstanding Application Value with Fanless Design

In addition to supporting a multi-display solution for up to four screens, the fanless design of the Z5F Plus provides an ideal solution for industrial environments. This design ingeniously addresses the issue of fan-based systems drawing in dust and dirt in dusty environments, effectively reducing maintenance costs and extending the system's lifespan. In industrial environments such as factory production lines, warehouse management systems, and laboratory control consoles, the fanless design of the LIVA Z5F Plus ensures quiet operation, maintaining a clean and safe working environment. Moreover, its low maintenance cost makes it an ideal choice for these environments, reducing production downtime and maintenance costs from equipment failures. With COM connectivity, it can be used in manufacturing to connect to industrial control equipment, enabling automated production lines, and delivering a more efficient and reliable operating environment for industrial control applications

LIVA Z5F Plus Mini PC