Smart Home Kit

Remote, Monitor and Secure Your Home from Anytime, Anywhere.

ECS Smart Home Kit Architecture

ECS Smart Home Kit equips with intelligent home gateway, sensors and smart phone APP. By using ECS Smart Home APP, you can create your own smart home scenarios to control & monitor your home from anytime, anywhere. You can also use the installed sensors and cameras for comfort & secure living to keep you away from unexpected dangerous. With ECS Smart Home Kit, you can enable your smart home innovations and extend your smart home business.


ECS Smart Home APP Key Features

Home Monitoring
With ECS Smart Home Kit, you can complete control & management your connected sensor devices via Smart Home APP. With the installed sensors and camera, it can provide you 24/7 real time alerts to keep your home comfort & protected.
Rule Engine
Assemble multiple connected sensor devices to talk to each other and demonstrate the intelligence task when meet your specific rule setting.
Push Notification
It’s easy to set your own alerts and notifications of specific activities you care about, and get your custom alerts and notifications via your Smart Home APP anytime.


Smart Home Kit Package Content


ECS Smart Home Management System