PCoS – CHT is a brilliant design that featuring all the PC functions in a small stick, easily turning your TV / projector into a big screen PC.
The low power consumption, free of noise and its compact design are perfect for home users to enjoy their daily work. Besides, PS02 Series supports wireless network such as WIFI, BT and even Power On / Off by TV remote that offers the best users experience to customers.

Light and Portable

A tiny computer that features full Windows functions


For Home

With TV
‧HD 1080P Media Player
‧Share your photo & video clips on "Big Screen"

With Monitor / Touch Monitor
‧Everyday entry level PC computing experience
‧Social networking, web browsing and streaming media


For Work

With TV / Monitor / Office Projector
‧ Ultra portable PC for office worker or traveler to extend your workspace and productivity work in the office or hotel
‧ Mocrosoft Windows Win 10 upgradable and Office suit supported


For Education

Classroom PC / Homework
Ultra portable, light and low cost solution for classrooms, labs and libraries.
Students can do the daily homework and access the lessons by taking PCOS home


Integrated remote power on

Single controller to power on / off both TV and PCoS


Living and Enjoying

Enjoy video, light gaming and work this tiny PC


Customization ( PCoS CHT)