PCoS (PC on Stick) has been perceived as a versatile product with high mobility which can convert a monitor or TV into an entry level computer. It can be used in various settings and environments, and offer everyday computing PC experience with Microsoft Windows OS support and Office suites enabled.


The PCoS featured Intel Atom Quad core processor that provides a good computing power for daily work. The WIFI, BT and USB 2.0 support provides friendly user interface for easy operation; the HDMI output deliver a high quality and smooth 1080p video; and, of course the tiny size of this unit is able to be carried out for a business traveling.


High Flexibility - PCoS

For Home Theater 
- It supports HD 1080P video, and on-line video stream playback to satisfy customers' entertainment needs.

For Traveling
- With this ultra-portable device, office workers or travelers can extend their workspace & productivity works in an office or hotel.

For Classroom
- Ultra light-weight, energy-saving and low cost solution for classrooms, labs and libraries. Students can do homework and access lessons by taking PCoS home.


System Diagram

Following is an user scenario that users are easy to convert the TV into a computer in a second.


Customization (PCoS)

BIOS :Customization BIOS development
ME :Logo, color change, ID change on housing
Documents :Joint customer service doc
Packing :Accessories placements
Certification :Regulatory submission