Tiny in size, Big in Performance LIVA Q2

Smaller than a mouse , it‘s easy to put in your pocket and let the computer is everywhere LIVA Q2 is the Mini PC that you’ll never see because it’s just so small you won’t believe it’s a PC.


Stay cool and reliable

In spite of its compact dimensions, LIVA Q2 design to feature an internal cooling fan to prevent overheating. It can keep your system stay cool and more reliable.


The Best 4K Visual Experience

Featuring Intel HD 600 series integrated graphic, it supports revised video engine, playing 4K video smoothly and give you ultra-realistic visuals with HDMI 2.0 video output.


Online Anywhere with LAN/WiFi Options

LIVA Q2 support dual band Wi Fi picks up 2.4GHz + 5GHz signals design , streamline your online streaming videos like YouTube with the new generation Wi-Fi ac technology , and more timely sync when you need cloud backups.


No Compromise for Full PC Functionality

With the complete I/O ports , LIVA Q2 can satisfy all the devices which you need. And there‘s no setup needed, LIVA Q2 boots up quickly and is ready to go right out-of-the-box.


Micro SD Slot for Extend Storage

With LIVA Q2 offers best C/P Micro SD extend storage solution , you can easily have big space to storage your treasure photos and movies


System On/Off via TV/Monitor Remote

● Remotely switch on/off your system via HDMI using your display remote
● System monitoring & auto restart when errors detected
● RTC – Schedule system on time


Explore endless computing possibilities -
Digital Signage

With size and low-power consumption, LIVA Q2 design to works as a powerful and purposeful digital signage solution for retail store displays, outdoor sign boards, or even outdoor scoreboards.


Explore endless computing possibilities
- Home theater PC

Featuring Intel HD 600 series integrated graphic , it can replace the bulky tower systems in your bedroom and the Home theater PC that connects to your TV in your living room!


Explore endless computing possibilities - Thin Client

With compact size design , LIVA Q2 not only be an office PC with multi-use , but also can create a thin client platform for call centers , cash-drawer, computer labs, or small businesses.


Explore endless computing possibilities - Education

LIVA Q2 Mini PC is a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution for a fleet of computers for schools and institutions, or an affordable plug-and-play PC for students.


Explore endless computing possibilities - Projector

For work or play, LIVA Q2 is great when paired with a projector. Conduct meeting room presentations or play movies on a big screen simply by plugging LIVA Q2 into the projector.


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