World’s Smallest 15W Pocket-sized Mini PCLIVA Q3 Plus


Small Outside, Powerful InsideLIVA Q3 Plus

Smaller than a mouse, LIVA Q3 Plus features the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1605B APU. The V1605B is a 4-core/8-thread SoC with 15W thermal design power (TDP) and incredible performance that sets a new standard in processing power for next-generation embedded designs. The internal GPU can offer up to 47% performance improvement compared to competitors’ product.


See More, Do MoreLIVA Q3 Plus

LIVA Q3 Plus supports up to 2 independent displays through its HDMI/ mini DisplayPort. Giving you the flexibility to expand the desktop workspace and multitask on two displays without any limitation.


Stay Cool and ReliableLIVA Q3 Plus

In spite of its compact dimensions, LIVA Q3 Plus designs to feature an internal cooling fan to prevent overheating. It can keep your system stay cool and more reliable.


Micro SD Slot for Extend StorageLIVA Q3 Plus

LIVA Q3 Plus offers best C/P Micro SD extend storage solution, you can easily have big space to storage your treasure photos and movies.


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