Quiet Operation with Fanless Design

With fanless design to support a 6-watt CPU, it safeguards against dust accumulation, preventing overheating problems, reducing potential malfunctions, and extending the lifespan of your mini PC.


Superior Performance

With Intel® Pentium® & Celeron® processors*, LIVA Z3 helps users collaborate, create, learn, play like never before. They empower you to finish day-to-day tasks faster and save valuable time as compared to previous generation.
(* Specifications may vary depending on model and/or SKUs.
**Performance benchmark results depends on the official announcement of Intel. )


Ultrafast Connectivity

LIVA Z3 with 802.11ax* MU-MIMO provides higher connection speeds up to 10 Gbps**, greater efficiency of data transmission to stream high quality movies and YouTube videos among multiple devices simultaneously.
( * Specifications may vary depending on model and/or SKUs.
 ** Actual speed is based on the system configuration and usage.)


See More, Do MoreLIVA Z3

LIVA Z3 supports up to 2 independent displays through HDMI & mini DisplayPort. Giving you the flexibility to expand the desktop workspace and multitask on two monitors without any limitation.


Stunning Pictures

LIVA Z3 featuring 4K resolution at 60 fps gives four times as many pixels as the commonly used 1920 x 1080 resolution presenting much more vivid and clear visuals at a glance.


Universal Convenience

USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C retains all of the functional benefits that form the basis for the most popular interconnects of computing devices, and features reversible plug orientation and cable direction to transfer files at incredible speed up to 10 Gbps***.
( *** Actual speed is based on the system configuration and usage. )


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