The SG20AN1 is the Laptop designed for rugged everyday use by students. This laptop withstands day to day wear and tear to provide long-lasting use and viability. With a sturdy, reinforced design, all four exterior edges are protected ensuring critical components are secure. Drop tests found the device functioning without interruption following falls from up to 4 feet.

Rugged for Students’ Everyday Use

This robust laptop endures daily wear with a reinforced design. Ideal for collaboration, it features a 180-degree hinge. Powered by an Intel Alder Lake N processor, DDR4 3600MHz of RAM, and Windows 11 for quick boot-up and up-to-date performance. The high-performance NVMe SSD storage ensures flexibility in running apps.


Empower Your Experience with Alder Lake-N

The Alder Lake-N Series combines powerful processing performance, multi-core advantages, high-speed memory support, and fast storage solutions, delivering excellent overall performance and user experience.


Portable and Sophisticated

Its design prioritizes mobility, making it effortless to take on the go. The lightweight construction means that you can comfortably transport the laptop without feeling burdened.

Portable and Sophisticated Laptop


Fast Lane to the Future

4G LTE and Wi-Fi 6 provide you with versatile and robust connectivity options, ensuring a seamless online experience.


Well-Connected and Adaptable for Diverse Scenarios

The full set of IO ports is designed to offer extensive connectivity options, fulfilling your wide array of needs in multimedia activities, presentations, or collaborative work.


Explore the Scope of Application Possibilities

Extend the display to dual monitors
Enjoy streaming, gaming, and working at the same time!


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