On Board ATOM Bay trial-I E3825 1.33GHz
  • Memory
    DDR3L 2GB On Board
  • Storage
    eMMC v4.51, default 8GB with support to 32GB
    HDD: Support One 2.5" SATA HDD (Optional)
  • External I/O (Quark Board)
    Serial Ports: RS232/485 (M12 connector)
    LAN: Dual 10/100/1000 Base-T (M12 connectorx2)
    USB Ports: USB 3.1 (M12 connector) / USB 2.0 (M12 connector)
    VGA Port: VGA, 1600x1200 @60Hz (M12 connector)
  • Internal I/O (Quark Board)
    2 x Full-size w/USB/routing (Wifi / BT / 3G / Zigbee)
  • Button
    1 x Power Switch
  • LED
    LED for Power, LoRa, LAN (Active,Status)
  • Temp.
    -20~60℃(-4~140℉) @5~85%RH (with air flow)