• Tính tuân thủ hệ thống
    Genuine Windows is authentic Windows software that is properly licensed and legally installed.Learn more about the special benefits reserved for genuine Windows customers by visiting www.microsoft.com/genuine.
    GenuineWindows 7 Starter Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium
  • Chương trình lõi logic
    Intel® NM10 Express Chipset
  • Bộ nhớ
    DDRIII 667 So-DIMM DRAM module, 1GB/2GB (Only support Raw card type A or B), So-DIMM 204-pin socket * 1
  • Màn hình LCD
    10.1” with 1024X600 (Anti-Glare), TFT Color LCD, LED Backlight
  • G-sensor (Optional)
    System Hard disk driver protection
  • Đầu đọc card
    Support 3 in 1 >>> SD/SDHC/MMC Memory Card
  • Chiều và trọng lượng
    267.6(W) x 237.22(D) x 29.9~34.7(H) mm , 6 cell battery pack: 1.54 Kg / 3 cell battery pack: 1.314 Kg